Guitar pick designs I did for Jet from UK Subs featuring his cute pet cat Fatso. The white picks will be used on the next couple of tours and the black ones possibly beyond that. Top photo shows the bunch of picks and Subs tee Jet gave me at Rebellion Festival last weekend!

Cute pets + punk rock = awesome project!

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Rebellion Festival. Day 4. 

1. Headliners NOFX. El Hefe’s English accent was funny, the rest not so much. Sorry NOFX fans!

2. Leftover Crack…in a car park. Nuff said. 

3. Roy Ellis aka Mr Symarip & The Moonstompers. So glad I went to see them, dude’s got slick as hell moves!

4. Agnostic Front. Crazy circle pit action!

5. DOA. Only caught a few songs but I really liked them!

6. The Old Firm Casuals. Only caught part of their set since I had to pack up the art show. Gutted…but they were awesome! Can’t wait to see them again in Glasgow next week!

7. Irvine Welsh being interviewed by Gary Bushell on his life & work. 

8. Gary Bushell interview about rock journalism. Interesting.

Rebellion Festival day 3.

1. UK Subs. Saved my favourite song (CID) for last, awesome!

2. Subhumans. Only caught part of their set due to UK Subs overlapping but what I did see was great!

3. New Town Kings. SO much fun!

4. Vic Ruggiero. I could listen to him sing for days. One of my highlights of the whole fest!

5. Rubella Ballet. Complete with dancing robot - awesome!

6. Charlie Harper UK Subs being interviewed about his artwork. Beyond honoured to have had my stuff in the same art show as him! I met him afterwards to chat about cats & painting. Lovely & very interesting guy.